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Picking and packing products is the most variable and most important part of the fulfillment invoice because it is directly linked to the number of orders. Individual orders are picked from their storage location and then prepared for shipping. Hence, these fulfillment costs directly depend on the merchant’s number of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs), the size of the product, the number of units per order, and the level of customization of the packaging.

Pick and pack costs can also be influenced by the degree of automation of machinery used – a high level of automation helps achieve greater productivity and efficiency within the warehouse. 

Getting a reliable benchmark for Picking & Packing is the most difficult but also most important. For standard eCommerce products, which typically weigh less than 1KG, the common range for pick and pack costs of an order with one item in it is 1.20-1.70 EUR.

Fulfillment costs associated with additional picks for orders with multiple items can range from 0.10-0.50 EUR. These fulfillment costs depend on whether the order includes multiple items of the same SKU or multiple SKUs of one item.

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