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The warehousing costs involved with occupied space depend on a product’s shape and size – e.g. due to their higher occupied storage space, larger goods incur higher warehousing costs than smaller ones. This occupied space mostly is invoiced on a weekly or monthly basis.

Storage costs can also vary depending on whether temperature control is needed (e.g. for fresh food or cosmetics products) or whether particular security measures need to be taken (e.g. for hazardous materials). Consequently, for example, with products requiring cooling, merchants can expect higher warehousing costs than for non-temperature controlled storage units.

This is because logistics providers need to own or invest in specific cooling units to keep the temperature within a set range, which involves higher energy consumption and consequently higher warehousing costs.

The relevant Key Performance Indicator (KPI) in the determination of incurred costs during storage are pallet or shelf spaces. Shelf spaces are an important factor regarding the storage of smaller quantities. The way shelf space is used influences the picking efficiency.

Picking efficiency is determined by different factors, such as the type of shelves used for storage (e.g. high racking shelves) or by picking distances – e.g. higher picking distances lead to lower picking efficiency and this in turn to higher fulfillment costs. The warehousing costs for shelf spaces range from 0.80-3.50 EUR per month depending on the size of the respective products.

The warehousing costs for pallet spaces are more comparable than the costs for used shelf space, as pallet space is a standard measure. Nevertheless, there is a price differentiation between CCG1 and CCG2 pallets depending on their height and weight.

CCG1 pallets are pallets with a maximum loading height of 105cm (including 15cm pallet timber) and CCG2 pallets have a maximum loading height of 160-195cm (including 15cm pallet timber). For a standard CCG1 EURO pallet the price per month lies between 6.00-9.00 EUR.

Average Cost range parcel0.80-3.50 EUR per month
Average Cost range pallet6.00-9.00 EUR per month (CCG1 EURO pallet)

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